It’s not the New Year

It’s not the New Year that turns your luck around, You’ll wait forever if you never break new ground.
To make a change, you have to go beyond fear. Go and create yourself a brighter New Year!

Expecting a shift from the outside in, Will only bring you stagnation within.
The power of thought is what saves your hide! The ways of creation grasped, and applied!

Whatever you wish for is on its way to you, Whether it reaches you is only up to you.
But if you reckon you’re striving in vain, You’ve already lost it; it’s gone down the drain.

Or if you think it’ll come to pass one day, It stays out of reach forever and a day.
You cannot grasp it, it remains a figment, Til you picture yourself present in the instant.

It’s only yours when you can envision it, When its scent fills you and you encircle it,
You savour it and delight in its presence! What you desire is no more at a distance.

Yes, whatever you wish for can be yours, The only limit is your own mind of course!
See it in front of you, and keep saying: „I do have it!” It’s mine to own and cherish and this I’ll make a habit!

For the world is ever replete, leaves nothing amiss, There’s no need to maraud over that or this.
There’s plenty to go round to those who are open, And still be enough for others who follow them.

Don’t fret, there are heaps of what you need! If you got it right now, would you be glad indeed?
And it’s not just objects that you can make be, But love, happiness, solace and more maybe.

So for the New Year I wish to begin anew, May all your hopes and dreams come true.
You can ask for good cheer, health, inner poise, And you’ll get it all if you believe it’s already yours.

Love, happiness and more can show in your eyes, Anything you believe in could materialise.
With this, I wish you such a New Year That will bring you warmth and smiles, my dear!

Ervin Aranyosi:

"Thank you for you"

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