Hi and Welcome:.

My name is Dzmitry and I am the person behind tiny thank you cards. I was born in Minsk (Belarus), but I’m currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Since October of 2012, I have been giving out thank you cards to many people on a semi-consistent basis. I loved the idea of reminding myself that people around me are all living their own lives and for them I am another stranger. How can I impact both myself and another individual in the simplest of ways? With a physical Thank You.

These little gratitude cards are a reminder that we are all people and our jobs or professions do not define us. You may have received one  personally, or followed me on Facebook or Twitter, or got here another way. I appreciate you being here, so go ahead and join us and discover what this community is all about.

For any questions, concerns and comments, you can easily reach me on the contact page.

Hiking in Antelope Canyon
Hiking in Antelope Canyon