The Original To-Go Thank You Cards are on Sale NOW.

yes all three cutI am pleased to announce that To-Go Thank You Cards are now available for purchase. Celebrate joy and embrace the people around you with these beautifully crafted cards.

I hope you have some questions about these cards, so I encourage you to explore our Frequently Asked Questions section, OR, if you prefer to watch my video-editing derailment debut, check out this short semi-novice video that explains this in more detail:

I use these Thank You Cards to genuinely connect with other people. That’s why I have introduced these beautiful cards for purchase. They are a hassle-free way to make positive connections with strangers every day. You can choose between Premium and Exclusive Cards. Below, you will find the descriptions as well as real testimonials from users, like Ciri:

"I felt slightly nervous at first, but seeing people's positive reactions made me feel positive. I met an Amish man on the train, and we were both really interested in talking to each other and learning about each other's culture. Giving him a Thank You card seemed to reassure him that his questions were not bothering me and, in fact, were welcomed. We had a great hours-long conversation and I learned a lot about the Amish culture which I found fascinating."
~ Ciri, Web Designer, Foodie, DIY Enthusiast from NYC
Why go with Premium Go-To Thank You Cards?
Premium Card Design

► These excellent cards are Gloss Coated with full UV Color, which is used to protect your cards; the high-gloss lamination improves the durability and the looks of the cards.

► Don’t forget about free shipping on all items. No minimum purchase. Affordable, valuable, one of a kind cards.

► You can easily deliver remarkable value to people around you, so share the love and give away Thank You Cards. Here is what Meghan has to say about Thank You Cards:

I took an Uber with another woman from the airport to where I was staying (I was the first drop off). During the ride, casual conversation turned into really getting to know one another- where we have lived, where we worked, what we did for fun, etc. She was about 10 years older than I am (I am 22) and therefore had much more experience. Although she was only in town for two days for business, and she worked in a different field than I do, she gave me her number so that we could grab coffee and she could "hear about how my interviews went and give me any help she could offer." During the ride she also reassured me that this was an exciting, not scary, time in my life and even the things that aren't working out are only setting me up for later success. I thought that this stranger was just so kind to me, I knew I had to give her one of the cards. When I got out I thanked her, handed her the card, told her that I really appreciate her kindness and the card was a sign of that- something she should also feel free to pass on to anyone who helps her out. She smiled, looked only slightly confused, and thanked me sincerely.
~Meghan, Product Designer from San Francisco, CA.

Check out her work at

Why choose Exclusive Thank You Cards?
Exclusive Card Design

► The unmatched quality of these cards make them a true work of art, with triple-layered ultimate full color, green edges and silky finish, they are 70% thicker than Premium cards. Your impact will stay with a person long after they receive one of these beauties.

► Hurry, these Exclusive Cards are limited to first 10 customers only.  Now is your chance.

► Don’t forget about free shipping too. With no minimum purchase, here is Adri’s review of the cards:

"At First I was a little nervous and didn't know how to go about handing out the cards, but after a while I got right into it and felt way positive about meeting great people. It was like starting my day off with some optimism in my pocket and it's been a great and enriching experience. Taking a step back from life and all of our crazy busy schedules and taking the time to appreciate the small things around us, the people we encounter (either once in our lifetimes or everyday) who matter or speak to us and acknowledging ALL people as people and appreciating them/each other is so important. These cards really help bring out the small, but very important things in life and will make you feel and be a more positive and optimistic and also help you become more "outreaching" and able to connect with people from all walks of life.
~ Adri, World Traveler, Renaissance Woman, from NYC
The quality is outstanding, so the choice is yours!
yes premium 2 cutyes regular 2 cut

Remember that you are not getting merely  twenty or even fifty cards – you will be receiving one hundred Original To-Go Thank You Cards to keep handy and give out as you please.

"People were shocked that I was actually doing it, which makes me happy that I was the one to make their day surprising and better."
~ Chloe, Future Marriage & Family Therapist from Greenwich, CT.

Kevin reminds us about genuine gratitude:

"I gave a card to my mother. It wasn't nearly enough of a thank you for everything she has ever done for everyone in her life, but it is a tangible reminder that I never take her for granted."
~ Kevin, Singer-Songwriter of “MIKADO” from Weymouth, MA.
Still not convinced? I believe in this project so much that I am willing to give out the cards absolutely free. That’s right – I will even cover shipping charges. All you have to to is send me a request with your name and full address and your cards will be promptly shipped. While supplies last. yes freemium cut
The most positive interaction I had giving out the Thank You Cards was on my cross-country road trip where I met people from all walks of life. Sharing the Thank You Cards and this experience with fellow travelers, people who work in dinners, train conductors and just helping to engage with people as people, felt incredible! It also helped me to breakdown the barriers while "talking to strangers" and allowed me to connect with people and let them know I appreciated our conversations and interactions."
~ Adri, World Traveler from NYC

Nothing stands in your way now, so make someone’s day brighter with To-Go Thank You Cards. They are easy to give out and very effective in connecting with other people.

What option would you prefer?

►Purchase 100 Premium Cards for $9 Here.

►Purchase 100 Exclusive Cards for $16 Here.

►I am interested in 10 Freemium cards.


Thank you for your time spent reading this page.

If you can take a second and follow me on Twitter and visit Facebook Page of the project. I will greatly appreciate you for that.



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